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Will Minister Bendl dare send HZ Consult to audit Budvar brewery?

Ministry of Agriculture’s appointment of audit firm HZ Consult to control Czech state-owned brewery is steeped in controversy


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Important article
Good work Mr Leko!There is a serious debate to be had about whether and how Budvar should be privatised, but this article shows us - again- that Petr Bendl has no interest whatsoever in a solution which benefits the Czech economy and taxpayers. Just like Bendl''s figures for Budvar''s marketing spend, all the information and  figures around HZ Consult stink to high heaven. The Ministry has told us that the audit will cost no more than 200,000CZK, yet also tell us that HZ will send in 15 people. What?? Based on any kind of typical hourly rate for auditing staff, those two figures just don''t stack up. Of course here we learn that HZ Consult only have two full time employees, so perhaps the other 13 are brigadniky!
13.2.2012 19:25