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Who’s ‘worthy’ of Czech Budějovický Budvar?

Czech state-owned Budějovický Budweiser brewery is illegally refusing to reveal marketing expenses says transparency pressure group


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The real issue re 'marketing"
Mr Kužílek is  THE authority on the FOI law, so we must take his view as being correct. However it is also true that Budvar have made the commitment not to say anything while the audit is on, so I find their response understandable.I have legal advice (which I am going to check with Mr Kuzilek) that we are all entitled to read the audit report itself when it is finished so we can judge for ourselves. In the meantime I have already ascertained (through FOI request to the Ministry) that Bendl had no internal information about the size of Budvar''s marketing budget. He used an HN interview with Bocek, but all Bocek said, reluctantly, was that the SALES SUPPORT budget is 18% of revenue. Sales support, Mr Bendl, covers far more than ''marketing and PR'', and by the way 18% is perfectly normal. It happens to be exactly the ratio Carlsberg reported in 2011.I am sure that this row is partly about the marketing budget, as the ODS politician implies. However the problem in my view is not that bits of the budget are dribbling out to dodgy sponsorships. It is that the marcomms agencies selected by Budvar are ''clean'' agencies, chosen only for their excellence. I am in a position to be able to prove this. I look forward to Mr Bendl''s equally thorough audit of ''marketing and PR budgets'' concerning Lesy CZ, and the Klasa campaigns, both of which fall under his remit. 
15.3.2012 15:37