Most Czechs can’t afford holiday abroad this year

For almost two-thirds (63.6 percent) of households, a lack of funds is the main reason for vacationing in the Czech Republic this year

Brian Kenety 15.5.2012

Nearly two-thirds of all Czechs say they cannot afford to take a holiday abroad this summer and one-third say they will not take a holiday at all this summer due to their financial situation, according to a new poll by the agency SANEP.

“It’s a well-known fact that Czechs like to spend their [summer] holidays at the seaside,” SANEP said. “Nevertheless, holidays abroad are currently unaffordable for a great number of households. For almost two-thirds (63.6 percent) of respondents … the lack of funds is the main reason for vacationing in the Czech Republic.”

By comparison, a 2010 survey found that 58.8 percent of Czech households felt they couldn’t afford a vacation abroad that summer.

Half of those surveyed said they preferred to drive to their holiday destinations and the majority also said they carefully planned their time off well in advance — with total costs being the deciding factor for most respondents (44 percent), followed by the cost of a package holiday or hotel stay (24.9 percent) and location (24.3 percent).

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