Czechs arrest Pakistani on terrorism charges

Interior Minister announces arrest of Pakistani national wanted on suspicion of murder and acts of terrorism

A Pakistani national suspected of terrorist activities and murder was arrested in Prague last week, Interior Minister Jan Kubice announced on television on Sunday. The suspect was wanted on an international arrest warrant and had applied for political asylum in the Czech Republic, the minister said.

“We haven’t yet received a request for his extradition. We only have an international arrest warrant, under which the man is suspected of murder and terrorism,” Kubice said.

Police anti-organized crime unit (ÚOOZ) head Robert Šlachta said the suspect was not cooperating with investigators. “We don’t have any grounds to suspect that he committed any crime connected with terrorism in our country,” he added.

Kubice’s announcement came under a week after ÚOOZ announced that on April 6, six people were arrested in Prague and two in Germany on suspicion of supplying money, false documents and weapons and explosives to the radical Islamist militant group Jamaat Shariat in Dagestan, in Russia’s North Caucasus region.        

Kubice ruled out that the detained Pakistani national was connected with the Jamaat Shariat suspects.