Czech jobless rate down slightly to 8 pct

Number of registered unemployed in Czech Republic fell by 0.2 percent in September to 8.0 percent, labor ministry figures show

Tom Jones 10.10.2011

The latest unemployment figures from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MPSV) show a 0.23 percent decrease in the number of registered jobseekers compared with the previous month, and a 0.5 percent fall compared with September 2010.

On September 30, 2011, 475,115 people were registered as jobseekers with labor offices, 6,420 fewer than at the end of August, the MPSV announced Monday. In September, 70,457 new job seekers registered with labor offices, while 76,877 were struck off the jobseekers’ list, 44,747 of whom found fulltime employment – 11,447 more than in the previous month, and 2,375 fewer than in the previous month.

At the end of September, 35,313 school and higher education leavers were registered as unemployed, accounting for 7.9 percent of all unemployed persons. The number is 3,999 fewer than at end of September, 2010. At the end of last month 62,042 people with disabilities and health problems were registered as unemployed, comprising 13.1 percent of all unemployed persons.

The highest rates of unemployment in the country were registered in the Most direct, northern Bohemia, with 15.7 percent, followed by Bruntál in the Moravia-Silesia region (14.2 percent), Děčín in north Bohemia (13.2 percent), and Karviná, Moravia-Silesia (13 percent).

The last unemployment figures from the EU’s statistical office, Eurostat, are from August and show a level of 6.5 in the Czech Republic compared to the average for the 27 member states of 9.2 percent.