ČEZ plugs electric cars with charging network

Power producer ČEZ plans to install 50 charging points for electric cars this year and 200 by 2013 in a bid to boost their sales.

Tom Jones 3.5.2011

Automobilka Peugeot pronajme Skupině ČEZ pro příští rok deset vozů i0n, čímž by se měl stimulovat rozvoj „elektromobility“ v Česku. foto: ©? PeugeotČeská pozice

Automobilka Peugeot pronajme Skupině ČEZ pro příští rok deset vozů i0n, čímž by se měl stimulovat rozvoj „elektromobility“ v Česku.

State-owned electricity producer ČEZ plans to install 50 recharging points for electric cars at various locations across the Czech Republic this year and 200 by 2013.  ČEZ also announced on Tuesday that it will provide the electricity with large subsidies to limit costs for consumers.    

“A transition period lies ahead before we get used to electric cars. Initially there will be no miraculous business model, but rather it will be subsidized,” Roman said in a press release. “In the first phase we will sell the electricity for a very symbolic price,” Roman added.

Peugeot has pledged to provide 65 iOn model electric cars for the pilot project called elektromobility. Partners from other sectors will help provide infrastructure and locations for the recharging points. These include: ECE – Arkády, the districts of Dolní Břežany—a municipality next to Prague—, Radotín in Prague 16, Group AIG/Lincoln, Inter IKEA Center Group, Kaufland, McDonald´s, the developer ORCO, shopping center development and management company Ségécé, Tesco, TNT Express, and car park operator Vinci Park.     

“Logically our partners will be those affected by transportation in towns and cities, operators of car parks and shopping centers, for example,” Roman said. In addition to Prague, the recharging points will be located in central and southern Moravia and districts in western and eastern Bohemia.   

The Peugeot electric cars to be used in the project can cover around 150 kilometers on a fully charged battery. Battery recharging time is six hours. Initially one high-speed recharging point will be installed next to ČEZ’s central office in Prague. At this facility recharging will take just 30 minutes. High-speed recharging points require a direct connection to high-voltage power lines. The standard recharging points can be powered from the standard power network for delivery to end consumers.

A public tender is being held for a provider of the recharging points.

The project is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic.