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Petition, protests aim to save Wenceslas Sq. building

A surge of protest has greeted the minister of culture’s decision to green light the demolition of a historical Wenceslas Square building


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Amynah Kerawala 7.6.2011 13:16

Wenceslas Square

I was a student of Charles University, Prague for 6 months in 2007. I fell in love with it for its old architecture. In fact I tell my friends that I would Like to go back and Live there and do whatever job I find in order to survive there. I recommend it to my friends back in Mumbai, India and to my sister who is an architect working in Kuwait. If they go about destroying the old buildings in the name of development, Prague will  lose its charm and its USP. I sincerely urge you to start a campiagn to stop it.