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Rosatom slibuje českým firmám až 120 miliard Kč, vyhraje-li tendr na Temelín

Jaderná elektrárna Temelín.

Lobbying kolem Temelína sílí. Šéf Rosatomu Sergej Kirijenko tvrdí, že ruská jaderná firma podepíše 12 dohod o spolupráci s českými podniky.


Czechs see chance in Chinese firm’s failure on Polish roads

Čínská firma Covec buduje v Polsku dva úseky dálnici A2.

Poland set to invite Czech companies to complete motorways after Chinese firm missed deadline and failed to pay subcontractors


Power giant ČEZ faces major losses in Albania

Daniel Beneš was Roman’s right-hand man at ČEZ

Czech state-controlled power major hit by Albanian tax hike and price freeze, ready to appeal to World Bank


Czech prisoners convert to Islam for varied diet

Ruzyně Prison in Prague 6, home to the largest community of Muslim inmates

Too many Schnitzels [pork chops] not Sharia behind conversion of Czech prison inmates to Islam, says prisons service’s religious supervisor


Former Czech senator on hunger strike in support of Yulia Tymoshenko

Vlastimil Sehnal

Former Czech senator Vlastimil Sehnal announces hunger strike in support of former Ukrainian prime minister 


Czech justice minister to intervene over jailed political graffiti “vandal”

Roman Smetana has become a popular figure, with fans offering to pay his fines

Jailed bus driver Roman Smetana who defaced political party campaign posters could be freed next week following an intervention by the justice minister


Two fifths of Czechs would prefer coalition with communist support

Support for the Communists, now led by Vojtěch Filip, is rising but many people would like to see the party banned

An increasing number of Czechs are ready to accept the communists in a coalition government according to a poll


Czech presidential candidate Švejnar to run as independent

Jan Švejnar (pictured) could make up the center-left party's mind for it

Czech-American economics professor Jan Švejnar declines to stand as candidate for Social Democrats


Insurance sell-off could net Kellner’s PPF Kč 70 billion

PPF Group’s headquarters in Prague

PPF Group reportedly to sell stake in joint venture with Generali of Italy including disputed stake in Russian Ingosstrakh


Extreme right to march but not organize anti-violence demo in Břeclav

Memebers of the Workers Party for Social Justice (DSSS) and its youth branch (DS) on the march

Friends of a white teen allegedly attacked by Roma to organize protest, taking initiative from extreme right-wing youth group


Pardubice win 6th Czech ice hockey playoffs title

HC Pardubice players celebrate on their return Pardubice in the early hours of Friday

Brno’s hopes of dream conclusion to remarkable playoff run dashed by Pardubice, who take second title in three years


Gov’t cuts to cost Czechs Kč 11,000 a year, unions say

„Pohár trpělivosti už překypěl,“ prohlásil předseda ČMKOS Jaroslav Zavadil.

Trade unions say they will push for wage rises to cover extra cost of living, call Czechs to anti-gov’t demo on Saturday 


No more cuts if outlook proves correct, Czech Fin Min says

Ministr financí Miroslav Kalousek chce změnit degresivní systém zdanění fyzických osob zpět na progresivní.

Finance Ministry still counting on 0.2 percent growth in 2012, but lowers forecast for 2013 to 1.3 percent


Prague’s sporting campaign to attract Londoners told to go teetotal

An Olympic-themed campaign by Prague City Hall to attract Londoners to booze in Prague has run into an advertising standards hurdle


Czech state to offer ‘inflation-beating’ bonds to individuals

Ministr financí Miroslav Kalousek odstartoval kampaň, jejímž cílem je otestovat zájem veřejnosti o koupi státních dluhopisů - výhledově až za několik desítek miliard korun.

Following the success of first emission, the Czech Finance Ministry is to offer bonds, some inflation-linked, with longer maturity periods aimed at individual investors


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