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Max Mara gives Czech women the iBlues

A collection for women who want trendy and playful fashion is the latest brand to hit Prague from Max Mara Fashion Group but more brands could soon follow.


‘Revolution Girls’ features more than one revolution

Member of European Parliament Jana Hybášková, seen with her daughter, says politics means she often isn’t there for her family.

Resiliency and the revolution are two of the only things that four women inlvolved in the Velvet Revolution now have in common


Vietnamese propaganda recalls turbulent decades

Propaganda posters becomes pop art at Veletržní palác

The government’s messages from the past now can be seen as an artistic time capsule of an era

‘Wine & Food tandems’ highlight of Wine Week

The nose knows: A wine’s bouquet is the major determinate of perceived flavor

Lovers of both wine — and fine dining — can find ample reason to celebrate Prague Wine Week


KVIFF names new artistic director

At 78 years of age, Eva  Zaoralová is scaling back her involvement with KVIFF

One of the two people responsible for making the Karlovy Vary Film Festival into a world-class event is handing over the reins


Carlo des Dorides will head Galileo project

The first EU institution to be based in Prague, the operations center for the Galileo global navigation satellite system, now has a director


Doctors Union releases updated figures for mass resignations

Tým LOK během tohoto týdne objížděl pražské fakultní nemocnice.

It is impossible to know how many Czech doctors will actually take jobs abroad in the coming year


Opera Ball to waltz with new cultural flair

The main floor of the State Opera will be transformed into an open space for dancing when the seats are removed.

New organizers hope to spin the Opera Ball in a new direction while keeping many of the traditional elements


‘Nicky’s Family’ reveals legacy of human compassion

The film contains dramatizations of event as well as historical footage

A powerful new documentary portrays Sir Nicholas Winton’s heroic efforts through the eyes of the kindertransport children he rescued


Livsey now managing partner at Gardiner & Theobald

After joining Gardiner & Theobald 10 years ago, Graham Livsey has now been appointed managing partner of project and cost management in the Czech practice of the consultancy.

Beyond the Basics: Tips for the early stages of relocation

Simple tasks like shopping can become overwhelming to people who have just relocated and have no idea of the language or where to find basic items

When the excitement wears off, newly relocated persons can start to feel the sting


Cultural differences should not be a binary problem

Many agree that there is richness in cultural diversity, but few know how to actually tap into its potential.


‘British Schindler’ to attend Prague film premiere

Sir Nicholas Winton (now 101 years old) was awarded the Order of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, Fourth Class, by the Czech President in 1998

Sir Nicholas Winton, who organized passage out of Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia for hundreds of children, is the subject of a new film

Modigliani exhibit explores his Kupka connection

Modigliani’s works appear alongside those of his contemporaries

The difficulty of acquiring the works by Amedeo Modigliani led many to believe a show in Prague was impossible.


Prague’s still got it for global brands

The new F&F store in Palladium is the first stand alone store for the brand

The Czech capital has remained a key city for global brands entering the CEE market, according to Cushman & Wakefield


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