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Red Museums project showcases Communism’s empty ‘temples of knowledge’

The October Revolution on display at Red Museums

Czech National Museum exhibit shows how the former regime’s skewed take on history eventually led to a huge drop in vistors


Dagmar Hochová: an acrobat on the globe of life

From the series 'Globe of Death,' 1948 - 1960

Retrospective at Prague’s Leica Gallery provides a different perspective on an underknown master of Czech photography


Notes from underground: a look back at Czech samizdat

From the journal SadoMaso, 1984, a pun on S&M and the Czech word for meat (maso)

Czech dissident publications on display in New York help shed new light on a dark, courageous chapter of modern history


Umberto Eco’s ‘The Prague Cemetery,’ an unearthing of the Protocols, no historical thriller

Prague's Old Jewish Cemetery, site of the conspiracy at the heart of Umberto Eco's novel

Eco’s retelling of the origins of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion aims to transplant Dumas’ sensibility into the postmodern world


PAF Olomouc: more than just an animation festival

From ‘Line Describing a Cone’ by Anthony McCall

The 10th Festival of Film Animation PAF in Olomouc shows the full artistic palette available in the varied world of film animation


Pictures of the brain in Brno

Magic Forest by Andrew Carnie, 2002

The exhibition Images of the Mind in Brno presents pictures of the human mind from the perspectives of both art and science


Prague hosts region’s first 3D filmfest

‘Plasticity’ by Ryan Suits

The Parallax festival provides Prague audiences with a three dimensional look at stereoscopic films from around the world


Guitar great Gary Lucas reconnects with Bohemian roots

Gary Lucas playing his score of 'The Golem'

On a recent Prague visit, Gary Lucas presented the intersection of American folk/blues with the great Czech classical tradition


The Golem does New York

'The Golem' at La MaMa

As part of its 50th anniversary season, NYC’s La MaMa theater is reprising a marionette performance of Prague legend ‘The Golem’


Child prodigy, Holocaust victim Petr Ginz memorialized in film

‘The Last Flight of Petr Ginz’

‘The Last Flight of Petr Ginz’ documents the precocious young life and tragic death of a Prague-born victim of the Holocaust


Famufest photography showcases student work

‘Heroes’ by Adéla Leinweberová

Five Prague shows linked with FAMU photography students trace some routes being taken in Czech and international photography


Chalupecký Award crowns Czech art scene

Wandering Star by Mark Ther

New mediums dominate the work of the five finalists of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award, with the winner to be announced on Nov. 25


Prague Jewish Museum marks 70th anniversary of Terezín deportations

A meeting of former prisoners of the Terezín ghetto, held by the Terezín Memorial in association with the Terezín Initiative

The 70th anniversary of the first deportation of Czech Jews to ‘Theresienstadt’ is being marked with a range of events


Vive le film français! Prague’s FFF returns

Miloš Forman, Catherine Deneuve and Chiara Mastroianni in 'The Beloved'

The 14th French film fest offers Czech audiences medieval battles and coming-of-age stories, as well as clones and killer clowns


Musical notes from the underground

Alexander Hacke and Danielle de Picciotto in Hitman's Heel

Alternativa offers Prague audiences a variety of music, extending from electronic to free jazz, industrial and psychedelic rock


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