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Czech short films gaining exposure

Czech teen angst in the award-winning 'Neplavci' (Non-Swimmers)

Short films are growing in prominence among Czech filmmakers and audiences as new forums promoting shorts begin to bear fruit


In the footsteps of Joseph Roth

The Hotel Brody exhibits the crumbling splendor of Joseph Roth's birthplace

In the footsteps of Joseph Roth


Ladislav Klíma’s ‘Glorious Nemesis’

Ladislav Klíma’s ‘Glorious Nemesis,’ cover art by Pavel Rut

Ladislav Klíma’s ‘Glorious Nemesis’


Film ‘nine lives’ captures indomitable spirit of Arnošt Lustig

Arnošt Lustig speaking in 'Arnošt Lustig – Nine Lives'

Doc film commemorates humor and humanity of Czech writer who lived through and documented history’s darkest days


Batman and Robin swoop into Prague

Batman facing the shadowy menace of Catwoman

The theatrical superhero extravaganza Batman Live, featuring the caped crusaders, winds up its European tour in the Czech capital


The Golem, Gestapo and a wandering Jew at London’s JBW

'Daniel Stein: Interpreter' by Ludmila Ultiskaya will be featured at this year's JBW

The Golem, Gestapo and a wandering Jew at London’s JBW


Prague festival showcases rise of Spanish filmmaking

Juan Carlos Aduviri and Gael García Bernal (right) in 'Even the Rain'

La Pelicula film festival offers Prague audiences a treasure trove of Spanish-language films from around the world


Miroslav Tichý – the world’s most famous peeping tom

Women caught unaware through Miroslav Tichý's voyeuristic  lens

An exhibition of the photographs of Miroslav Tichý at Prague’s galerie 1. Patro shows the art of voyeurism along with the voyeurism of art


‘Prague Fatale’: in the crossfire of Czech resistance and the Butcher of Prague

'Prague Fatale' by Philip Kerr

WWII-era crime novel depicts hunt for Czech resistance fighters, their German contact and enactment of a seemingly impossible crime


Europe’s Jewish heritage gets online home

Prague's Jubilee Synagogue

Online heritage initiative launches in Prague, providing the only one-stop site to access centuries of European Jewish culture


Projekt 100 drawing crowds to Czech cinemas

A dance scene from 'West Side Story'

Initiative born out of the lack of classic and art house films coming to Czech cinemas in the early ‘90s still drawing in film fans


Prague gallery showcases CE photography

From the first-prize winning series 'I love my family' by Gabriel Fragner and Anna Gutová

An exhibition of the FRAME competition winners show the varied themes and directions being taken by Central European photographers


Prague Short Film Festival kicks off

Nicholas Provost's 'Stardust' boasts the presence of Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson and Jon Voight

From the classic to the experimental the Prague Short Film Festival is showing the work of both new and established directors


Prague gallery rocks hard

Jimi Hendrix at the Monterey festival in 1967, by Nancy Reiner

Artworks by rock legends and other pictorial treats from the history of Rock’n Roll are on display at Prague’s Dvorak Sec gallery


Museum devoted to king of Czech comics opens

Artwork by Kája Saudek

Czech graphic artist Kája Saudek, the twin brother of world-famous photographer Jan, finally gets his due with new Prague museum


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