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Scandinavian crime king comes to Prague

Jo Nesbo

Author Jo Nesbo provides a Czech audience insight into the creative process that has pushed him to the peak of the crime fiction world


Prague Writers’ Festival: exiles, unknowns and stars

Spisovatel Juan Goytisolo žije v Maroku a v současnosti je jedním z nejvlivnějších španělských intelektuálů.

Prague Writers’ Festival gets cosmopolitan by bringing range of exiled and émigré writers such as Juan Goytisolo along with unknown gems


A life on ice: Bohumil Modrý and Jáchymov

Bohumil Modrý holding aloft the 1949 World Championship cup

Triumph to tragedy story of legendary Czech hockey goalie Bohumil Modrý is the subject of a new novel by Austrian writer Josef Haslinger


Russian contemporary art returns to Prague

A still from Sweet Nightingale by Victor Alimpiev, 2004

Czech Centre’s current show of contemporary Russian art is the opening volley in strengthening ties between the nations’ artists


The Sorrowful Putto of Prague

From The Sorrowful Putto of Prague

The Sorrowful Putto of Prague


Downtown New York scene lives again in Prague gallery

Go-go night at New York's Club 57

Exhibit of photographer Robert Carrithers’ lost work gives first-hand view of a now mythic period of New York’s underground arts scene


When Russian literature passed through Prague

Marina Tsvetaeva came to Prague in 1922

Prague in the ‘20s was a hotbed of émigré Russian intellectual life


‘The Case of the General’s Thumb’ by Andrey Kurkov

‘The Case of the General’s Thumb’ by Andrey Kurkov

‘The Case of the General’s Thumb’ by Andrey Kurkov


Read translated fiction or risk evisceration

Portrait of Alfred Döblin by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Read translated fiction or risk evisceration


Letters from a distant Prague

Helen Epstein on her mother's shoulders after arriving in New York, 1948

Prague-born writer Helen Epstein has made a literary homecoming through a publishing venture with a decidedly Central European focus


Timeless Japan seen through Czech eyes

An image of Japanese rural life in Eva Sakuma's painting

Eva Sakuma’s paintings vividly render a path to approach Japanese culture as well as the veil of obscurity that remains for outsiders


Czech writers being (re)discovered

Michal Ajvaz is one of the nominees for the Magnesia litera award

The varied world of Czech literature, past and present, contains a vast store of work virtually unknown outside of the Czech Republic


Prague culture in unexpected places

Chodovská tvrz

A cultural initiative in Prague’s Jižní Město aims to expand the city’s artistic reach beyond the historical center


Prague becomes mecca for documentary film

'Lost Holiday' by Lucie Králová

Host to a major documentary event and a center for a new form of distribution, Prague has put itself on the map of documentary film


Monsters and angels of Czech–Slovak Surrealism

‘A False Tortoise’ by Jan Švankmajer

Twenty years after the last Czech-Slovak Surrealist retrospective the movement has grown even more international and diverse


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