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Prague cafés retain splendor of another age

Prague's Café Louvre back at the turn of the 20th century

The spirit of Prague’s vibrant early 20th century intellectual world lives on in the Czech capital’s historic cafés


Viktor Ullmann: musical triumph out of tragedy

Death offering the dictatorial Emperor Überall a chance to end the world's suffering in the Boston Lyric Opera's performance of  Ullmann's 'The Emperor of Atlantis'

Czech composer Viktor Ullmann was killed in the gas chambers of Auschwitz; new performances give his music a new and vibrant life


Czech work by architect Adolf Loos on show in UK

Villa Müller in Střešovice

A massive exhibit of Brno-born modernist architect Adolf Loos in London is set to redefine his place in 20th Century architecture


Crepuscular: the ruins of modern times

Last building standing

Romanian photographer Serban Bonciocat’s images of industrial ruins give Czechs a chance to look anew at their own industrial past

Martin Vopěnka’s Fifth Dimension

Czech novelist Martin Vopěnka

Martin Vopěnka’s Fifth Dimension


Book World Prague 2012: exploring Black Sea literature

Romania is Book World Prague's guest of honor in 2012

Book World Prague takes a plunge into Black Sea literature, opening up literary vistas barely known to international audiences


Radical filmmaker has Prague retrospective

Alexander Kluge behind the camera

Work of Alexander Kluge, among the boldest filmmakers of the past 50 years and a key figure in New German Cinema, gets Prague showing


Czech Literature Night goes European

Poland's Janusz Rudnicki at Prague's Literature Night on Prague's Polská (Polish) Street

From the works of Havel and Mácha to the Tata Bojs and a Hungarian vampire, Europe celebrates its literature


Jan Karski’s ‘Story of a Secret State’

Jan Karski’s ‘Story of a Secret State’


Czech Surrealist brought out of hiding

Untitled by Jindřich Heisler, 1944

First solo retrospective of Jindřich Heisler gives long overdue look at a unique man who created unique art under unique circumstances


Prague Photo shows growing range of Czech photography

By The Ways by Milan Jaroš, 2011

Czech photography’s major showcase has a new home and kicks off a month of exhibitions ranging from the classic to the cutting edge


Interview with Jerome Rothenberg

Jerome Rothenberg at the Prague Writers' Festival

Interview with Jerome Rothenberg


De Sade and revolution at Prague psychiatric hospital

A scene from Marat/Sade

One of the landmarks of modern theater, Peter Weiss’ Marat/Sade, will be performed at Prague’s Bohnice psychiatric hospital

Bruno Schulz’s ‘Treatise on Mannequins’

The Treatise on Mannequins

The Central European theater company Kompánia will stage a work based on the drawings and writings of Bruno Schulz on Saturday


Transatlantic literary ties at Kafka/Borges biennale

The extensive travels of Jorge Luis Borges are documented in his wife's photographs

Kafka/Borges – Prague/Buenos Aires biennale takes place in the Czech capital this year with an added pair of literary greats in the mix


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