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Central Bohemia cancels contracts worth billions in wake of Rath’s arrest

Czech region cancels 19 partly EU-financed tenders and contracts worth some Kč 2 billion following arrest of ex-governor


Czechs arrest seven more in massive VAT refund scam

In November, elite Czech police unit ÚOKFK and Slovak counterpart arrested 10 people making bogus VAT claims of Kč 360 mln


President Klaus supports ex-rival Zeman’s candidacy

Miloš Zeman, who lost to Václav Klaus in a bid for the presidency nearly a decade ago, welcomed his old rival’s support


Child abuse cases up fivefold in past decade

Number of known battered and psychologically abused children in the Czech Republic increased last year by 855, NGO says

Czech Senate drafts law banning shale gas extraction

Opponents to shale gas extraction claim mining unconventional gas can lead to the contamination of underground water tables

Prague costliest city in CE to buy property in 2011

The Charles Bridge is among the Czech capital’s biggest draws

In the Czech Republic, on average more than seven annual gross salaries are needed to buy a new dwelling, Deloitte survey shows


Teen dies after Vltava River boating accident

Prague police are investigating Wednesday’s fatal accident on suspicion of death due to negligence

Czech doctor to be tried for rape, sexual abuse

Dr Jaroslav Barták (inset) claims that his former assistant Lucie, who is recovering from an alleged beating, was hired to provide him with sexual services

Dr Jaroslav Barták, a co-owner of a Prague polyclinic and one-time head of the local Lion’s Club charity, faces up to 12 years in prison 

‘Virgin’ gorilla voted Czech zoos’ biggest star

Bikira (right) with a zookeeper after arriving in Prague in 2010

She may be a great ape, but the gorilla Bikira hasn’t proven to be the greatest mum in the animal kingdom

Czech state organs may begin publishing contracts online this fall

Slovakia, which requires contracts to be available on the internet, has seen cost-savings of about 10 percent, Czech MP says


Peake files criminal complaint against ‘bogus’ LIDEM

LIDEM, the newly created Czech political group forming around Karolína Peake, to register as party next week

Police discover Kč 30 mln in cash at David Rath’s home

ČSSD leader Bohuslav Sobotka (left) says pressure will be maintained on the government in spite of the no-confidence motion defeat

Regional governor David Rath, who had Kč 7 mln in cash on him when arrested on corruption charges, reportedly had another Kč 30 mln stashed at home


Václav Havel in stable condition

Released in 2008, ‘Citizen Havel’ became the most successful Czech documentary of all time

Václav Havel is in stable condition after having been admitted to hospital due to a fresh bout of his chronic respiratory illness


Most Czechs can’t afford holiday abroad this year

For almost two-thirds (63.6 percent) of households, a lack of funds is the main reason for vacationing in the Czech Republic this year


Czech Penta back in battle for A-Tec

Struggling Austrian engineering group A-Tec Industries is restarting negotiations with rejected Czech bidder Penta Investments



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