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Czech clinic first in CEE to operate on unborn babies

The center, which will serve the whole Czech Republic, will be outfitted with state-of-the-art ultrasound machines and equipment 

Czech Coal boss breaks media silence, says ČEZ will sell him power plants

Coal baron Pavel Tykač says in his first interview in 15 years that ČEZ’s Počerady and Chvaletice power plants will finally be his

Czech regulator may not auction off 800 MHz frequency

The 800 MHz frequency is the key one for developing a high-speed broadband Internet site covering most of the Czech population


Constitutional Court rejects MP Rath’s complaint over prosecution

Judges dismiss former ČSSD regional governor David Rath’s ‘ill-founded’ complaint over arrest on corruption charges


Pussy Riot Wall kicks off Prague ‘Week of Freedom’

Inspired by the ‘John Lennon wall’ that so irked the commies, Opona supports jailed Russian collective with Wenceslas Square tribute

Czech authorities probe railways property sale

Apuro invested nothing into the Opletalová street buildings, but sold them on to Charles University three years later at twice the price

EPH may tap Mibrag supplies following Czech Coal cut-off

EPH’s power station — serving Hradec Králové, Pardubice and Chrudim — will soon run out of coal


Havel’s kilt? Late Czech president gets own tartan

The Havel tartan, by the Liberation Kilt Co., whose slogan is ‘Dress to protest!’

Tartan honoring Václav Havel ‘portrays prison cell windows struck through in red, protesting the persecution of writers of conscience’


Church restitution bill final reading Friday

ČSSD deputies club chairman says delaying consideration of the bill a few months would give politicians time to reach a compromise 


Czech MPs pass bill on direct presidential elections campaign spending

The draft law will now go to the upper house, the Senate, were it is also expected to pass by a comfortable majority


Prague 15th most expensive European city for expats

Prague (ranked no. 69 globally) drops 22 places in Mercer’s latest cost of living survey; housing costs, exchange rates significant factors

Prague is burning, too

Number of suspected arson cases in the Czech Republic on the rise, leading insurers to more rigorously investigate claims

Gov’t faces suit over CzechPOINT name

Real estate firm CZECH POINT 101 files lawsuit against Czech gov’t for trademark infringement to stop it from using CzechPOINT name

Prague school head under fire over ‘porno past’

Prof. Otakar Haloun (played by ‘Lars Moebius’) readies his belt

Igor Krupka allegedly appeared in at least five films from 2004 to 2007 using the stage name Lars Moebius

Law firms issue employers’ guide to Euro 2012

Absenteeism. Intoxication. Betting. Euro football championship can impact employee morale, attitude to work, KŠB says

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