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Britons operating in Prague served NY summons over ‘Ponzi scheme’

Alleged fraudster says charges against MMS are unjust: ‘at no point has any money been lost, embezzled, stolen or anything like that’


Czech Position suspends publication

Advertising revenue proved insufficient to sustain the English section, but parent news server Česká pozice is still going strong


Czech police seek to charge ex-Defense Minister over CASA deal

The cabinet of Mirek Topolánek (left) approved a proposal in April 2009 to trade five Czech L-159 fighters for a CASA transport plane, with another three bought well above the market price. Vlasta Parkanová (right) signed the CASA deal on the day her suc

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) had looked into allegations of corruption regarding the CASA purchase, which Brussels later said ran afoul of public procurement rules


Ex-Czech MoD stripped of immunity to face prosecution over CASA

Vlasta Parkanová (TOP 09) is the fifth MP in the current parliament to have been stripped of immunity from prosecution


Kidnapped Czech baby girl found in Germany

The kidnapper asked the baby’s mother if it was her child before grabbing the infant and driving off in a stolen car


PM honors Romani Holocaust victims; no action on Lety site

Lety: Nearly every Romani man, woman and child who survived internment in Czech-run camps later perished at Auschwitz-Birkenau

State has no money to purchase pig farm built over Lety u Pisku concentration camp, Czech premier tells memorial gathering


Hungarian MOL buys Czech PAP Oil stations

MOL Group, already present on the Czech fuel market via its subsidiary Slovnaft, will bring its retail fuel market share to nearly 5%


Czech manufacturing output flat in June

Main positive from HSBC survey is increase in Czech employment, following job shedding in the previous two months


ČEZ sell-off of coal-fired plant(s) ‘satisfies’ EC, may draw new bidders

ČEZ’s Počerady power plant

ČEZ, which denies any wrongdoing, faced a fine of up to 10 percent of its 2008 global turnover of $5.2 billion for anti-competitive behavior


ČEZ green light on Energotrans, Mibrag deals ‘positive’

Daniel Beneš was Roman’s right-hand man at ČEZ

ČEZ got key go-ahead for acquisition despite fears it would give the utility too great a share of the local power production market

Prague cancels Opencard tender

Opencard, which the Prague mayor has threatened to cancel outright, has been plagued by cost overruns, allegations of corruption


EC may take Czechs to court over bark beetle-hit trees

Demonstranti blokovali kácení stromů v bezzásahové lokalitě šumavského národního parku vlastními těly.

Brussels has received numerous complaint regarding developments in Šumava National Park


Czech FinMin seeks MUS sale annulment, Kč 6.8 bln in damages

The Czech state failed to join in Swiss criminal proceedings over MUS due to delays, alleged obstruction by prosecutors and other authorities


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