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Kubice as Interior Minister spells the end of politics as we know it

The nominee to take over the Interior Ministry failed both professionally and morally in a considerably lower post


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This article
I''m confused. Is this a "letter to the editor", or a professional column? Why is it written anonymously? I hope the former, considering the very low quality and seeming irrelevance of its arguments. Looking at formal qualifications as justification is a bit simplistic. The public wants results, cares about little else, right? The people in these positions have proven to be woefully inadequate/corrupt. I''m spending my tax money, I want results, don''t care about what''s "fair" to his co-workers. I don''t know much about this man Mr. Kubice, but this article is rather strongly unbalanced, and doesn''t shed light on what is important: We, the public, would like to see someone who has the power to rid the system of the massively corrupt groups of politicians from all parties, and shed light on those who peddle their influence regarding business interests in cases where they are contrary to the will of the people, or benefit of society. Can he do that? Can he clean house of the poison that has for so long infected the government so that "competency" can again be a relevant factor, and not smothered by corruption and nepotism?  That''s what I would like to hear. In the absence of intellectually sound arguments, when an anti-corruption figure/topic is sharply criticized, it only serves makes me think that the figure/topic is feared by the corrupt. Or perhaps this ironic effect was the goal of the article. With "anonymous", we can never know.
20.4.2011 8:33