Russian-Czech Temelín JV signs up more potential suppliers

France’s Avera believes it has an advantage in the bid to expand Temelín

Russian-Czech Temelín expansion joint venture announces more local companies lined up as suppliers for local and global work

Germans and Austrians protest against Temelín on Fukushima anniversary

A demonstration against Temelín held in Vienna in 2011 during a visit by Czech PM Petr Nečas

Around 500 people protest in Mitterteich, Bavaria, against the expansion of the Czech nuclear plant, Austrians protest at Czech site

US ambassador confident Temelín nuclear extension will go ahead

Eisen, whose mother was born in Czechoslovakia, is currently Obama’s Special Counsel for Ethics and Government Reform

Temelín bidders say planned new reactor blocks will be built; Czech gov’t point man speaks of one in three chance of its cancellation 

Polská jaderná elektrárna: Děkujeme, nechceme!

Vláda současného premiéra Donalda Tuska chce vybudovat dvě. Lidé z obce Gąski, kde by jedna mohla být, ji však v místním referendu odmítli.

Areva signs up 14 Czech companies for Temelín

Areva managers and bosses of Czech suppliers at the signing of the memoranda of understanding

French bidder for Temelín contract rolls out 14 Czech firms it has signed up as contractors – should it land the massive tender

ČEZ casts around for financing mix to support Temelín expansion

Expanding Temelín will cost an estimated Kč 150 billion–Kč 200 billion; ČEZ has the cash flow, but is quietly looking around for financing (perhaps using the British, Finnish or American models)

While ČEZ boasts its cash flow would be enough to fund new nuclear plants, it’s already talking about other options to help cover costs

Chris Johnstone 5.3.2012

French Temelín expansion bidder Areva lines up Czech suppliers

Plans are to at least double the size of the Temelín complex with the current two reactors increased to four

French bidder in the three-way contest to expand Temelín nuclear plant has lined up partnerships with nearly a dozen Czech firms

Czech minister says no state support on offer for nuke plant expansion

Trade and Industry Minister Martin Kuba (right) spells out the strategy to seek more sales outside the EU; PM Petr Nečas (left) hinted that with EU countries slipping into recession and others on the brink, the move is overdue

ČEZ must start crunching numbers on whether it can build two new Temelín reactors yet awaits a sign from the gov’t about support

ČEZ contracts BNP Paribas to search for Temelín financing partner

Jaderná elektrárna Temelín.

If ČEZ doesn’t opt to finance its nuclear power plant expansion alone, it will seek partners among energy giants in Europe and possibly Asia

Czech power giant ČEZ 2011 profit slips, overshoots expectations

Daniel Beneš was Roman’s right-hand man at ČEZ

ČEZ announces last quarter 2011 and full-year results, which are down on 2010 but better than the power giant had been hoping for

Czech minister backs down on nuclear energy boom, battles EU power bid

Čtyři ze šesti českých reaktorů, konkrétně v Dukovanech (na snímku), nemají masivní ochrannou obálku, zvanou kontejnment.

The plug appears to have been pulled on an unprecedented surge of new nuclear power construction in the Czech Republic 

ČEZ buys into massive Polish wind farm group

The Eco-Wind Construction deal takes ČEZ a long way to achieving its renewables acquisitions target

ČEZ buys major stake in Polish wind power giant with capacity from projects being developed equalling that of a conventional nuclear plant

Další předzápas o dostavbu Temelína: Westinghouse – Metrostav

Každý ze tří zájemců o dostavbu jaderných bloků se snaží získat české subdodavatele. V pondělí podepsal smlouvu Westinghouse s Metrostavem.

Westinghouse signs up Czech builder Metrostav as partner in Temelín bid

Westinghouse's AP1000

Westinghouse recruits the biggest Czech home grown construction company, Metrostav, in bid to become Temelín frontrunner

ČEZ finance boss indicates institutional sale of renewable unit

ČEZ deputy chairman and CFO Martin Novák

ČEZ appears to have closed the door on a direct placement of shares in its renewable unit on stock exchanges, preferring an institutional sale

Chris Johnstone 27.1.2012