Czech PM’s windy promises over German renewable power

Czech PM Petr Nečas (right) with Bavaria’s Horst Seehofer in December 2010

Czech electricity grid operator ČEPS casts doubt on the prime minister’s soothing words about problematic German power flows

Czech PM offers Germany public debate over nuke plant

Plans are to at least double the size of the Temelín complex with the current two reactors increased to four

Czech PM Petr Nečas has made an offer to Germany to hold a public debate on expanding the Temelín nuclear plant

Kuba named industry minister; ODS veteran Doktor quits in protest

Poslanec Michal Doktor: Cesty zpátky nevedou.

Martin Kuba officially named as Czech industry and trade minister; overlooked Michal Doktor quits ODS after 20 years in protest

Tom Jones 16.11.2011

Westinghouse manager says Temelín bid and jobs part of bigger European picture

Westinghouse's Mike Kirst says the ČEZ bid is part of a bigger battle for nuclear plant orders and jobs in Europe

A top manager from US-based Westinghouse describes how ČEZ’s Temelín nuclear power plant contract fits in to the big picture

Chris Johnstone 14.11.2011

Odklony (ex)ministra Kocourka

Rétorikou Martina Kocourka bychom mohli jízlivě konstatovat, že byl „odkloněn“ od tendru na Temelín, kde by jistě bylo co „odklánět“.

Jan Schneider 10.11.2011

Top Czech official warns of energy equivalent of euro crisis

The government’s Temelín commissioner Václav Bartuška says foreign demand for Czech electricity exports is bound to grow

EU states are in denial over future electricity supplies, hoping someone else will find a solution, top Czech energy official warns

Chris Johnstone 4.11.2011

Czech ČEZ sets July 2012 deadline for nuclear reactor offers

Jaderná elektrárna Temelín.

Czech utility ČEZ starts the clock ticking for bidders hoping to build two more reactors at the Temelín nuclear plant

Chris Johnstone 31.10.2011

Temelín nuclear plant bidder Areva: ‘We don’t do geopolitics’

France’s Avera believes it has an advantage in the bid to expand Temelín

Areva CEE director says the French power firm’s bid for Temelín NPP will be based purely on technical economic features and factors

Tom Jones 28.10.2011

Minister: Bidders lag behind Atomstroyexport in ČEZ tender

ČEZ, which plans to expand existing NPPs, is a frequent eurobond issuer. Polish utilities also plan to tap the bond market to co-fund capex

Areva and Westinghouse must show they’ll subcontract work to Czech firms if they want to compete with the Russians, Kocourek says

Brian Kenety 28.10.2011

Temelín bidder Areva woos Czech students, professors

Areva CEO Anne Lauvergeon and ČVUT dean Miroslav Čech have signed a cooperation deal

While French energy group Areva waits to bid on a contract to expand ČEZ’s nuclear power plant, it signs a deal in the Czech education sector

Gov’t to receive 6 studies on Temelín expansion

Jedním z hlavních témat v energetice zůstane i pro letošní rok dostavba Temelína.

The cabinet is discussing preparations for the largest investment in the history of the Czech Republic

Westinghouse reaches out online to Czech suppliers

Westinghouse’s new Czech-language website explains the proposed AP1000 reactor in detail with drawings and a video

Westinghouse launches Czech page to promote its bid to expand Temelín nuclear power plant and attract local suppliers

Temelín study clears French reactor offer

All offers accepted to double the capacity of the current Temelín nucelar power plant, including Areva’s EPR (pictured above)

Czech electricity giant ČEZ says all bids are acceptable for the lucrative Temelín nuclear power plant expansion contract

Temelín could persuade US to compromise on bilateral investment treaty

Dva prezidenti a odlišné ekonomické zájmy. Ani během vrcholných setkání Baracka Obamy a Václava Klause se nenašla shoda na úpravě investiční dohody. Změní něco temelínský tendr?

Prague wants to amend the 1991 Czech-US investment protection agreement; Washington may cede ground thanks to Temelín

AP1000 reactors ‘exceed’ US earthquake safety standards

Přístavba dalších dvou bloků jaderné elektrárny v Temelíně s sebou přináší řadu problémů, na něž se bude muset vláda důkladně připravit.

Westinghouse said researchers also found its AP1000 structure provides a ‘significant reserve margin’ to ensure radiation is contained

Brian Kenety 28.10.2011