Temelín nuclear reactor race to start from Oct. 31

Plans are to at least double the size of the Temelín complex with the current two reactors increased to four

Bidders for the massive Temelín nuclear contract will be put under starter's orders to start compiling their bids on Monday

US Amb. Eisen’s to-do list

Novému americkému velvyslanci v České republice Normanu Eisenovi jde především o byznys.

Westinghouse’s Temelín bid is No.1; no other pending US-Czech initiative could get the countries past the missile defense chapter

ČEZ accidentally releases 2010 results early; net profit down 9 pct at Kč 47.2 bln

ČEZ’s Martin Roman declined to comment on what he called market speculation, but a well-placed source says a buy-out offer was made

ČEZ was slated to release its earnings data next week but by mistake included the sensitive data in an invitation to journalists Thursday

Westinghouse ‘did not’ seek delay in Temelín bid

Westinghouse is currently building four AP1000 reactors in China

Westinghouse didn’t delay the $25 bln Temelín bid, sees no grid problems, and will use up to 80 percent Czech suppliers if named winner.