Czech police pounce on Serbian explosives seller

Czech police arrest Serbian man after sting operation in which he sold them large quantities of plastic explosives.

A Serbian man living in the western Czech city of Plzeň has been charged with illegal possession of arms after police caught him trying to sell them a significant quantity of plastic explosives, two machine guns and ammunition.

Police pounced after they were tipped off in April that the 59-year-old was offering the criminal underworld large quantities of plastic explosives and detonators.

In the sting operation police rapidly arranged, the man tried to sell them 5.5 kilos of TNT and 2.5 kilos of SEMTEX, the Czech -produced plastic explosive that won a reputation for being a favorite of terrorists in the 1980s. He later sold undercover police officers two machine guns and suitable ammunition.

During a raid on the nearby town of Rokycany, on October 5 police found large quantities of ammunition, including that used by special police and army squads,  at a house and other locations, the special police unit for combating organized crime (ÚOOZ) said in a news release. The man has been detained in custody and could face a jail sentence of up to eight years.