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Jak souvisí příjmová nerovnost a uprchlíci

V aktuální Debatě se komentátor LN Jan Macháček ptá: „Jak vidíte tezi amerického ekonoma Kennetha Rogoffa, že kdyby se svět více zabýval globální nerovností místo příjmovou nerovností ve vyspělém světě, projevilo by se to jistě i v přemýšlení o tom, co dělat s migrační krizí?“

Ringo’s All-Starr Band to play Prague

Ringo Starr and his All-Starr Band will play the Prague Congress Center this month, but the legendary Beatles’ drummer won’t see much of the Czech capital, as his private plane will fly him in and out on the same day. While Ringo isn’t the only star in the band’s current line-up, the question is whether Paul will put in an appearance on the bass.

Brian Kenety 2.6.2011

Vatican seen making popular Czech priest Tomáš Halík cardinal

Czech Position has learnt that the Vatican wants to appoint two new Czech Cardinals next year with well-known priest and theologist Tomáš Halík reckoned to be in the running. Halík seems to fit the bill for the type of intellectual personality the papacy favors; his possible promotion has escalated his conflicts with Prague Castle and the Czech head of state.

Ronald Reagan to be honored in Czech capital

Remembered by many Czechs as the Cold War warrior who beat the Soviet Union and helped restore their country’s freedom, the late US President Ronald Reagan, a conservative Republican, will be honored in Prague on Friday when the street where the US ambassadorial residence stands is named after him. Current US ambassador to Prague Norman Eisen, a former close aide to Democratic US President President Barack Obama, will have to change his visiting card and headed notepaper.

AniFest spotlights stop-motion puppetry, world’s best animated films

Much more is happening in animation than  just big-budget Hollywood computerized fare, and an international festival in North Bohemia showcases the other recent trends. Claymation originator Will Vinton and British animator Barry Purves are among the expected guests, and some highly anticipated films appear on the program.

Nejednoznačné Grammy a nová tvář popu

V noci z neděle na pondělí se kulturně-sportovní svatostánek Staples Center v Los Angeles stal opět svědkem udílení hudebních cen Grammy. Zdá se, že vzhledem k roztříštěnosti výsledků nelze ani zaujmout jasné stanovisko. Vyhráli ti nejpopulárnější, či nejkreativnější interpreti?

Obama names ‘ethics guru’ Eisen as new US ambassador to Prague

US President Barack Obama has bypassed the Senate to name his current special counsel on ethics and government reform, Norman L. Eisen — whose mother, a Holocaust survivor, emigrated from Czechoslovakia to America — as the new US ambassador to the Czech Republic. By “recess appointment,” Obama also named three other ambassadors, who, like Eisen, had their nominations stalled or blocked by US lawmakers.

Czechs honor victims of communism, mark end of Warsaw Pact

With the anniversary of the execution of democratic politician Milada Horáková marked today and the formal dissolution of the Warsaw Pact coming twenty years ago on Friday, this week is being billed as the ‘Week of Freedom’ in the Czech Republic with commemorative events, educational programs and a political conference taking place.

Sansho: Awesome. Which doesn’t equate to enthusiasm

The Anglo-Asian restaurant Sansho has already had a monument to its fame raised in the media, and for good reason. We visited it with one thing in mind: either to 1) festoon the monument with yet more flowers, or 2) furnish it with a more accurate inscription.

Dana Alena 18.4.2012

Brno may host Papal Institute for family studies

Brno could soon be home to a unique branch of higher learning — the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family. The aim is to launch in 2013, the year marking the 1,150 anniversary of the arrival of Saints Cyril and Methodius to the Czech lands.

Wolfowitz slams Czechs, CE states for Libyan stance

Outspoken neo-conservative and former US Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz has hit out at the Czech Republic and other Central European countries that sent Soviet troops home at the end of the Cold War for not doing more to help Libyan rebels fighting Colonel Gaddafi. Speaking in the Czech capital, Wolfowitz said Prague had not even recognized the rebels.

Nejlepších 25 restaurací podle ankety HN

Středeční Hospodářské noviny oznámily v magazínu iN, že nejlepší restaurací v Česku je SaSaZu v pražských Holešovicích. Přesněji, uveřejnily přehled nejlepších 25 podniků podle 17 vybraných znalců; která je první a která pětadvacátá, je nakonec podružné.

Raising a glass to wine — and the Czech grape

On May 31 and June 1 the Global Wines Festival was held at the Majestic Plaza hotel in the center of Prague. Held every two years by the largest Czech wine importer Global Wines, the fair coincides with the release of the company’s catalogue, and brings together professionals and wine lovers in a two-day bacchanalia of wine tasting from around the world.

Michael Stein 1.6.2011

Juve keeper Buffon marries in Prague after hitch switch

Italian national goalkeeper and Juventus star “Gigi” Buffon married long-term partner Alena Šeredová in Prague on Thursday. The couple were forced to switch the wedding venue at the last minute because of a national transport strike and fears that protesters would turn up as unwanted guests at the Prague Castle cathedral.

Czech National Museum to outdo London or Tokyo? In our dreams

National Museum director Michal Lukeš says that following the five-year long, Kč 3 billion renovation, the venerable institution atop Prague’s famous Wenceslas Square will rank among the Top 20 most remarkable museums in the world. But world trends in museums are a bit different than how people in the Czech Republic think. A splendid location and extensive exhibitions is not enough without a clear vision from the state as to what to support.

Artěl: Not your typical Bohemian glass

The five-day New York International Gift Fair kicked off on Aug. 14 with a selection of Czech glass on display that is as unique in its appearance as the story of the company that produces it. Artěl Glass is an American company founded by Karen Feldman that uses traditional hand-made Czech glass production skills to succeed in the luxury retail market.

Michael Stein 17.8.2011

Prague/NYC artist stitches genres seamlessly

Shalom Tomáš Neuman, the Prague- and NYC-based creator of the multidisciplinary medley known as “Fusion Art,” is holding his first official exhibit in venues around Prague through August and September. The largest of them, “Talking At You,” runs through Sept. 18 and is hosted by the National Gallery in the Prague-Veletržní palác.

Guest Writer 23.8.2011

Barrandov Studios still going strong at 80

As it clocks up its 80th anniversary this November, Barrandov Studios could not be a better barometer for the mercurial fortunes of the Czech nation. The calm nature of the massive main site of the studios belies a place that has been swept by the tides of history — and which also played a role in events.

Comic handymen ‘Pat and Mat’ get Czech stamp of approval

The Czech Post Office (Česká pošta) has announced it will release a new self-adhesive stamp on Wednesday featuring the country’s most beloved inept handymen — Pat and Mat. The two stop-motion animated characters, known for saying nothing apart from their catch phrase “A je to!” (And it’s done!) — which they invariably proclaim after a job decidedly not well done — first appeared in a 1976 short film called “The Tinkers” (Kuťáci).

Contempuls Festival brings art music world to Prague

Petr Bakla is feeling more relaxed, which is good news for fans of modern music — he’s the dramaturgist for Contempuls, the contemporary music festival that opens its fourth season at La Fabrika on Nov. 4. A composer himself, Bakla felt obligated during the first three years of the festival to program as many pieces as possible by composers whose work went unheard during communism.

Guest Writer 3.11.2011

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