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A year with ‘Super Guru’ Vít Bárta in the underbelly of Czech politics


Investigative journalist Jaroslav Kmenta of MfD spent over a year tracking the development of the Public Affairs (VV) party, and investigating its founder and de facto leader, Vít Bárta, whose security and detective agency ABL stalked some high-profile prey, including Prague and national politicians. The resulting book, Super guru Bárta, delves deep into the cesspool of Czech politics.

Czech tax reforms pushed through without architect

A series of tax reforming and simplifying measures were passed by the Czech government on Wednesday. Ironically, the man behind most of the changes, Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek, was absent, taking part in a boycott of Cabinet meetings to protest the continued employment of a Public Affairs (VV) nominee at the Education Ministry.

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