FDI in EU-27 falls for third year

FDI for the EU-27 shows sharp drop in 2010, with investments down significantly from the US, Switzerland and offshore locations

Czech Republic drops in European GDP rankings

Overall production dropped in 2010 due to the end of incentives for buying new cars

While the relative GDP per capita in the Czech Republic didn’t drop, other countries’ economies improved, knocking Czechs down the list

Prague, Bratislava lead CEE in GDP per capita

Prague holds it lead as the CEE region with the highest GDP per capita; Bratislava makes the top 10 fo the first time

Czech wages rising faster than EU average

Czech hourly labor costs are rising faster than the EU and eurozone averages but are still just 0.2 percent higher than in 2008

Czech population growth to ‘peak’ in 2025

Jedním z problémů penzijních fondů je, že pokud do nich budou povinně nahnané masy, vznikne otázka, z čeho se budou vyplácet současní důchodci.

EU-27 will see population increase until 2040 while the Czech Republic is due to see its highest level in 2025, Eurostat says

26 pct of Czechs affected by malware in the last year

Across the EU, some 31 percent of people lost data to malware and 3 percent fell victim phishing or a similar fraud.

Czechs show above-average resistance to viruses and other computer dangers but lag in using safety software, an EU report says

Shopping-savvy Czechs top EU in reading the fine print

Consumers expect that their economic situation will worsen in the next 12 months

An EU report shows Czechs are quite knowledgeable of their rights as consumers — and among the most likely to seek action to protect them

Czech data used for Eurostat ‘homicide capital’ under question

The EU statistical arm’s crime report placing Prague among Europe’s ‘murder capitals’ may be based on the wrong figures

Analyst: EU GDP data puts euro adoption in doubt

Public finance debt results should make the Czech Republic take a wait-and-see stance on whether the eurozone will survive.

Third-quarter GDP rises in CR and EU

Preliminary third-quarter figures for GDP show that nearly every EU member state is showing signs of recovery

Retail sales up higher than expected in November

Czech November retail trade figures beat analysts’ expectations, with strong car sales as a key factor and noted high growth in online sales

Czech Nov. industrial production growth third-highest in EU

Industrial production in the EU rose higher than expected in November, with the Czech Republic among the leaders, Eurostat says

Eurostat: Women work less after each child

Just shy of one-fifth of Czech households are headed by a single woman, with single moms at less than 5 percent, EU statistics reveal

Czech cities: least waste, little recycled

Some 83 percent of Czech municipal waste ends up in landfills

Eurostat gives Czech Rep. a mixed urban-waste report card, with high marks for generating little trash but low marks for dealing with it

Eurostat: Czechs shop longest

Simple tasks like shopping can become overwhelming to people who have just relocated and have no idea of the language or where to find basic items

Czechs find another dubious claim to fame in the EU: tying with for first place for the most time spent per week shopping, some 3.8 hours